ZapBuy Branding & User Flow

Zapbuy brings together Paypal and major retailers to make mobile shopping easy and fun. We had the challenge of having to brand Zapbuy and create an intuitive user experience flow to purchase. The branding had to feel bright, fun, powerful, easy to use, high-energy, but also familiar and trustworthy.

We conducted brand discovery and brand strategy phases prior to working on any graphics. In these phases we were able to pinpoint the key motivators and pain points of the target audience when it comes to interacting with the industries of advertising platforms, online marketplaces and mobile payments. We created a logo that would visually represent the idea of a “zap”. the sharp edges and dynamic shape of the icon help the logo feel fast, efficient and secure.


User Experience Flow

The biggest challenge in designing the user experience for Zapbuy is making the process intuitive. The idea of one-click purchasing is not a typical online retail experience that customers are familiar with. They often feel that it’s too good to be true when it’s so easy to buy something. We had to design a flow that makes sense to the user in order to minimize friction, but also convince them that this is a secure purchasing method.



Client: Cove Hill Partners



Site Mapping, Wireframe Design, Website Design, Development, Responsive Design, Contentful CMS Integration, SEO, Content Creation, Marketing Materials


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