Weatherproof Vintage Website

THE Challenge

Weatherproof Vintage asked us to create their first e-commerce website in order to sell their products to customers online. They wanted the brand of the company to come through while maintaining a clean and modern website. We were excited about this challenge and conducted a great amount of competitor and industry research in the digital landscape to understand the ecosystem surrounding Weatherproof Vintage. Allowing the vintage aspects of the brand to show through on a modern website was a key design task that we took very seriously and it inspired the entire design process. We found ways to extract the most important elements of the brand; textures, patterns, materials, colors, and fonts, and applied them into the website in different ways and according to website best practices. The result is a minimal, digital expression of the Weatherproof Vintage brand with an e-commerce component that allows them to sell, edit and manage their own products.

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Website Analysis & Research

The most important aspect of the entire process of designing and building the Weatherproof Vintage website was to determine the opportunities of when considering how to approach the new site map, wireframe organization and website flow. We pinpointed the dead ends and confusing site architecture of the original website and in combination with best practices for ecommerce websites, we created a strategy for how to redesign the flow to make an easy navigation and hierarchy for any visitor looking to shop or learn more about the company. To understand and clarify these flow issues we mapped out the existing site into a conceptual site map showing the overall homepage navigation (left) and the detailed flow (right).



After pinpointing where the existing site flow issues were occurring, we started to get creative. We designed countless wireframes, laying out different possibilities for site organization and explored different methods of navigation that would simplify the customer experience and make it easy for customers to navigate to their desired destination on the website. This study concluded with selecting one wireframe design that was by far the best performing, simplest option for accomplishing a clear and minimal navigation. The new organization and design of the website allowed potential customers to browse, learn about, and purchase the products of Weatherproof Vintage. 

WBCG’s vision for brand synergy combined with their creative and technical guidance was huge for the entire Weatherproof Vintage® ecommerce direction.
— Alex Chimilio, Creative Director


Client:  Weatherproof Vintage



Research and Analysis, Site Mapping and Wireframing, UI/UX Design, Website Design, Website Development, Ecommerce, Shopify



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