Troops Website


Troops asked us to redesign their public facing marketing website with the goal of explaining to visitors exactly what it is that Troops does. We updated the color scheme, fonts, iconography and overall graphic look to something a little brighter and more modern while we were at it. The main goal of the new website design was not only to give visitors a good look at Troops, the company and the services that they offer, but to make it fun to explore at the same time with the use of graphics, fun diagrams and illustrations. Troops was so happy with the work on the marketing website that they asked us to design the entire product interface where users can create accounts, connect their Slack to Salesforce, change settings, invite users and much more. 

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WBCG played a big role in helping us think through and redesign our marketing site and our product. They were fast, their work was great, and the entire team was stoked about the results. Would highly recommend WBCG to anyone.
— Dan Reich, Co-Founder, CEO


Client:  Troops



Graphic Design, Content Creation, UI/UX Design, Site Mapping and Wireframing, Website Design, Website Development


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