The Rail App

Ideating & Designing A Food App

The Rail is a new type of food app. The main concept is two-fold; that people often look for individual meals and specials rather than restaurants and that restaurant owners should have one place where they can manage menus, specials, social media posts, analytics and gain exposure to nearby potential customers. The concept for the name comes from the rail in a restaurant when chefs can pull down the customers orders. This concept became central to the branding, the logo and the entire user experience sequence. The act of pulling a ticket down from the rail became the core action that the user does on the app to save a meal ticket. The logo itself is a simplified restaurant rail with hanging letters that symbolize the organization of the app. 



Client:  The Rail



Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Digital Strategy, Graphic Design, Content Creation, UI/UX Design, Site Mapping and Wireframing, Mobile App Design and Development


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