Spotify Discovery Tool

What to do with user listening data?

The concept and direction for the Spotify Discovery Tool project was pretty open ended, but the goal was clear. To create a web-based, interactive digital marketing tool for Spotify for Brands that could be used to tell a statistical story in a cool and informative way. Spotify had an incredible amount of data about the listening habits of their users and were itching for a way to show this data in a fun way to potential advertisers. We came up with a concept that blew them away. 



Data Through Musical Devices

We created a large scale concept about representing data using musical elements and interfaces in a way interactive, imitates the “recording of data” that is exciting and informative, but most importantly on brand with Spotify. Not only does the website bring a cool factor to the representation of data using dynamic mixing boards that users can manipulate to change the data, vinyl records that spin, but the website also condenses over 500,000 data entries in a cohesive and fun story. The music-themed product was first used on the ground at Cannes Lions 2014.



Company: Layerframe

Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction

Client: Spotify



Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design, Site Mapping, Mobile App Design and Development, Research and Analysis, Graphic Design, Illustration, Content Creation


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