Paprika Restaurant

Italian Wine Bar Meets Speakeasy

Paprika asked us to redesign the interior of their restaurant located in New York City's East Village. The atmosphere they desired was a combination of a casual Italian wine bar and a speakeasy. We explored many floor plan layouts to optimize the dining and drinking experience and created design variations to make the desired vibe a reality. The result is a lot of vintage lighting, warm colors, rustic fixtures, worn down painted walls and wood framing. All decoration and furniture was custom built according to the designs including the bar, which is made from old wooden wine cases and corks from Italy. 


Branding A Restaurant and Wine Bar

The branding for the restaurant on St. Marks needed to represent a fusion of traditional quality Italian food and a younger style. The logo plays off of a serif font that references traditional qualities, while the clean line and repetitive curved forms create a more modern aesthetic.



Client: Paprika Restaurant



Restaurant Design, Interior Design, Brand Positioning, Message and Tone of Voice, Logo Design


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