Johnson Museum Installation

Cardboard as a Viewing Device and Furniture

The cardboard wall is an exploration into the use of cardboard as a material that not only has structural properties, but visual qualities as well. The corrugation, when stacked, acts as a visual screen that pixelates the image behind. Depending on the angle of corrugation and the depth of the cardboard, the effect when looking through the wall can be controlled with a simple set of rules. A digital model was built to explore the various ways that these rules could be put to use. The result is a wall that constantly transforms and allows and blocks views where it deems necessary. The installation simultaneously transforms to allow for shelf space and seating for museum-goers. The installation was temporarily located in the entrance windows of the lobby to The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Fine Art in Ithaca, NY, a building designed by I.M. Pei.




Weston Baker Creative Group



Research and Analysis, Installation Design


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