Healthy Youth Collaborative

Branding a Planned Parenthood Initiative

Planned Parenthood asked us to create a logo and branding style guide for a new initiative they were creating called Healthy Youth Collaborative, which helps educate teens about safe sex and other general health issues. Planned Parenthood provided us with some basic research about the brand characteristics they desired and we took it from there. 


Brand Exploration

We explored what it meant to visualize the key characteristics that Planned Parenthood provided us by making simple icons. They pinpointed the archetypes, personality traits and we analyzed what kind of recognizable elements could represent these ideas. In tandem with the icon exploration, we developed various color schemes and the associated general emotional connections to these colors. 


The Final Design

The logo design solution was to include a range of colors and an abstract shape that would represent a harmonious and trustworthy relationship between all elements involved, no matter the color. The individual items do not touch, but their organization relative to each other creates a single shape that appears to be in motion and synchronized. This logo, when tested back against all of the initial brand characteristics that were provided, best represented the mission of Healthy Youth Collaborative.



Client: Planned Parenthood



Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Message and Tone of Voice, Logo Design, Brand Guidelines


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