Graffiti House

Alternative Real Estate Branding & Materials

AKI Development asked us to come up with the bigger branding concept, logo, marketing materials and build a website for a new high end residential property they were constructing in Astoria. The new building is in an area that is called the Welling Court Mural Project, where famous street artists from around the world come to paint the public walls, making the entire neighborhood like an outdoor art gallery. Our challenge was to come up with the branding and marketing solutions that situate a new high-end residential property in the heart of this new art district. 

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Modern Building + Street Art

We created numerous logo iterations and branding directions for the name Graffiti House. The final design is a black wireframe of the residential building in perspective with a splash of paint behind. The logo was designed to be used in various ways over time and with different art pieces behind the building wireframe. 


Visualizing the Building

We created a series of renderings to show the public and potential tenants what the building will eventually look like, before it had been built. The main hero rendering of the building was taken at the same perspective as the wireframe in the logo in order to create a cohesive look of the building. The renderings show the overall building in perspective and in elevation, the rooftop deck and the residents gym. 


Bringing the Art into the Building

The back wall of the elevator shaft was painted by a different artist on each floor and the custom elevator cab is made of glass so that residents and visitors can see the art passing by as they take the elevator up and down. The entire side of the building is painted as well as all of the walls in the parking garage at ground level.




Client: AKI Development



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