Digital Asset Branding & Website

Branding a Fintech Service

We were asked to create the branding and website for Digital Asset, a fintech company that provides tools that use distributed ledgers to track and settle both digital and mainstream financial assets in a cryptographically secure environment, where counterparty risk is minimized, and settlement times are drastically reduced. Representing such an involved process and technology in two different industries presented quite the challenge. We created numerous variations of logo designs that spoke to the core services of Digital Asset and the simplest and most important concept was a transaction. The logo design took on the form of multiple things at once. One main concept seen in the logo are two items converging to create a settlement, which is seen in the arrow pointing to the right. Another key concept is this transaction occurs and completes a hexagon, or if seen in perspective, a three dimensional cube. 


Bringing Digital Asset Live

The new company required a clean and mobile-friendly website that could briefly explain what they do and who they are. Being in both financial and technology industries, the site needed to be both fresh and professional feeling with colors, fonts and graphics that reinforce the primary services and trustworthy foundation of their digital system. The result is a website design that is minimal, contemporary and elegant.



Client: Digital Asset



Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Site Mapping and Wireframing, UI/UX Design, Website Design, Website Development


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