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Branding an Industry Bridging Business

Boone Group is a fast paced, inspiring communications company based in Washington, D.C. situated at the intersection of industry changing technology and government agencies. They connect and strengthen all parties through relationships and accessibility to knowledge, technology and people. Representing Boone’s unique place within these industries and their advantage as a result of their position became the clear challenge when creating their branding, marketing materials and website. 

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Creating the Boone Logo

We explored dozens of logo options and combinations of designs that each told a story about Boone in a different way. The final logo is many things. It speaks to the unique network in which Boone is situated and while representing that network, it also holds many strong shapes and icons within it’s web. The icon is a fine-lined object that doesn’t allow the viewer to completely understand it, because it isn’t clear if this is a two-dimensional or three-dimensional icon. The intelligence of the logo links back to the services and industries in which Boone is integrated. To graphically balance the thin lines of the network logo, the font for the wordmark takes on a strong, bold, simple serif with significant space between the letters. As a whole, the logo references back to all of the key components that make up Boone as a communications company and it’s unique situation within multiple industries.  


The Website Design PROCESS

We conducted brainstorming sessions and interviews with the Boone team to pinpoint the key principles and services at the core of the company offerings, which vary from project to project and client to client. We created a network map of Boone’s relationships to it’s clients and connections in government and technology and translated that concept into a two dimensional site map that would organize and group elements into an organization of pages that would make navigating and discovering Boone not only simple, but fun. The website presents the facts and the important info with consistent branded graphics and website elements.

“Weston Baker Creative Group is a collective of creative masterminds who truly ‘get it.’ Their ability to tailor a beautiful brand that supported our highly-technical business strategy was invaluable to our team.”
— Joy A. Shanaberger, CEO



Client:  Boone Group



Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Site Mapping and Wireframing, UI/UX Design, Website Design, Website Development




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