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THE Challenge

Avalt was in need of a new website and public facing digital presence that could accurately represent their company. The challenge was that Avalt as a company has a very unique genetic makeup - they are a Private Equity firm based in Boston that combines the strong background of traditional finance paired with the family vibe of a small tight-knit office. The company places a great importance on relationships, on trust, and family-like connections that are evident in the office interior and environment, but that were not previously evident in the branding or online experience of the company profile. Avalt says in their own words “we aim to drive results like a private equity fund, but with the mindset of a permanent business owner.” The interior of the office embodies the mentality of the company. It feels warm, inviting and comfortable, which became a major theme in the design of the branded digital elements and the website as a whole. 

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Private Equity Meets Family Offices

Inspired by the interior design of Avalt’s headquarters in Boston that so successfully absorbs all of the qualities of the company, we designed a website that would invite visitors in to learn about Avalt with the same kind of experience and vibe as they would have when they enter the warm office space. The color scheme and graphics not only references typical financial institution branding with the dark gray and serif fonts, but it also invokes the aesthetics of a cozy, warmth by the fire type of vibe with a modern graphic expression. The final result is a website that is a graphic hybrid, conveying both high performance and a cozy aesthetic that best represents the company. We created custom website animations and descriptive illustrations to describe and compliment the important self defining and differentiating elements of Avalt.




Clients:  AVALT Holdings



Graphic Design, Content Creation, Illustration, Site Mapping and Wireframing, UI/UX Design, Website Design, Website Development


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