Aki Branding & Website

Building a Real Estate Brand

When considering how to approach branding AKI Development, an emerging real estate development company in New York City, we had numerous discussions about the company, their services and what they stand for. We came out of these discussions with a clear image of what the company needed to look and feel like. With some directed research and inspiration from architectural design and construction documents we created a logo that is generated by straight, clean lines, just like the form of a building emerging from construction lines. The logo is strong in form and negative space, embracing the strength, durability and trustworthy nature of AKI Development. 


The AKI Website & Materials

When building our strategy for how to design the new AKI Development website, we created a formula for approach that essentially follows the rules and guidelines of the branding. Everything will have clean lines, bold use of fonts, imagery and selective color choice. 



Client: AKI Development



Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Site Mapping and Wireframing, UI/UX Design, Website Design, Website Development


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