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Trustworthy technology

Walleye Trading Advisors is an adviser to private funds and trading entities. Walleye's business model is based on the combination of many years of experience, attention to the dynamics of today's trading and investment environment, and the trading knowledge of its senior management. Walleye has access to proprietary world-class technology and risk management capabilities. 

We began by creating a presentation deck for Walleye to aid their search for new investors. Walleye was so happy with this process that they asked us to design a new website for them aimed at attracting new talent in technology to join their firm. 

While we kept Walleye's existing logo, we transformed their brand to something that embodied their trustworthiness and =incredibly advanced technological skills that make them such a unique firm. 



Clients: Walleye Trading Advisors



Research and Analysis, Print Campaigns, Branded Materials, Site Mapping, Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Development


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