Storyful Brand Development & Website Design

The world’s Social Media Intelligence Agency

Storyful analyzes conversations and content across digital platforms — from mainstream to fringe networks — to make sense of what’s happening on social media. They wanted to rebrand their company, produce a whole new set of marketing materials, and most importantly, design a new website. 

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Branding a Unique Company with Multiple Business Lines

Storyful has a unique way of looking at the world by using data, technology and people. The their unique perspective the Storyful “lens”. This became a driving idea throughout the brand development process, which we worked alongside Thackway McCord to produce. The circle is Storyful’s recognizable mark that took on the role of the lens.

We created a graphic system of using small dots to represent data points and the social media landscape. The dots align to create a clear view of what is happening. It also references low resolution printing dots on newspapers, a nod to the journalistic history of Storyful’s founders.


Illustration styles and company heritage

We helped develop a visual identity system that is rooted in both the journalistic history of Storyful as well as the data-driven technology side of the business. The serif fonts reference traditional newspaper print typography and the sans serif fonts reference modern technology and approachable people. Likewise, the color scheme is a combination of dark, serious blues that are paired with brighter, energetic oranges.


Additional Creative Services

In addition to the branding and website design services, we also helped Storyful on a number of other fronts. We designed their booth at ONA 2018.


Newswire Branding & Front-end Design

Storyful asked us to create a new logo for Newswire, their product that can help you build trust, loyalty and revenue through engaging social content. We also helped their team design the user-experience and front-end design of the product.



Client: Storyful

Partners: Thackway McCord



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