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Staley Capital

Growth Capital For B2B Technology Companies 

Staley Capital partners with exceptional management teams building great B2B technology businesses. We helped Staley rebrand, create all of their marketing materials and build their new website.

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Meaning of the Logo  

The Staley Capital logo references a couple important stories related to the business. In the past, the Staley’s produced bricks that were used in brick and mortar stores. Today, Staley Capital invests in companies that help brick and mortar businesses by bringing the right tech to them. Staley has an interesting approach - they focus in investing in B2B2C, which means investing in businesses that help business that sell to consumers. The orange element that wraps the Staley logo references a brick in the past and creates the shape with a flexible and modern brand element. This element is reused throughout various materials.

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Custom Illustrations  

The Staley office is decorated with photos of old technology devices, like computers that are opened to reveal the patterns of the microchips. The history of tech is engrained in the identity of Staley and it became an obvious source of inspiration for the complementary graphics created for the marketing materials and website.

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Client: Staley Capital



Brand Identity, Marketing Materials, Business Cards, Logo Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, User Experience, CMS, SEO, Wireframe Design, Website Design, Website Development


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