Radian Capital Website & Branding

Building a Brand and Website from Scratch

Radian Capital is a growth equity firm specializing in software and technology-enabled services. Radian partnered with us to build their brand, create their marketing materials and build their company website. We explored numerous meanings and representations of the word radian, which by definition is a standard unit of angular measure on the arc of a circle based on the length of the radius. The meaning behind this name is rooted in not only strategic analysis and calculation, but in the idea that a radian is an integral element in the completion a circle. To demonstrate some of these key concepts in the name, the logo is composed of two main elements, which intersect to generate a third element to create the illusion of transparency, dimensionality and depth to the logo. The logo portrays strength, a mathematical foundation, but also an approachable demeanor.

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Content Integration

The website is custom designed and integrated into an easy to use content management system (CMS), which allows the client to manage, edit and update all content on the site. 



Clients: Radian Capital



Branding, Logo Design, Digital Strategy, Site Mapping, Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, Development, Content Management


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