Nick Slime City

discover a world of SLIME REIMAGINED  

Nick Slime City is the ultimate celebration of slime. We designed and built the website for Nickelodeon for the Atlanta slime popup experience. The website was designed to create a branded experience that visualizes the many types of slime and provides the basic info about Nick Slime City. The website integrates an age gate that changes the website browsing experience depending on age. It also integrates a number of technology features that help monitor analytics and performance.

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Slime ANimation

The dropdown menu, which links to the different sections of the long scrolling site animates down when clicking. The slime moves its way down the page in order to reveal all of the website sections. This is one of the ways that we integrated the feeling of slime on the site in addition to the many slime-based images.


Mobile-First & Responsiveness

The new website uses a highly responsive design that translates easily from desktop to mobile. There are multiple popup boxes and expanding sections with image containers that required a mobile-first approach. We created multiple optimized image files to be loaded on different browser widths in order to maintain an ideal image to copy relationship within each individual section. The site also limits the number of items in the press and FAQ sections in order to not create too long of a scroll. Both offer a “load more” option to continue browsing the items.



Client: Nickelodeon



User Experience, Wireframe Design, Visual Design, Website Design, Website Development


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