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We were asked by Cove Hill Partners, a private equity firm, based in Boston to design and build their new website. After creating their pitch deck and marketing materials, we had a pretty good sense for the company, the team, and how we could create a website to properly convey what they are all about.

We created different site maps and wireframes to show how content and pages on the site could be organized. Simultaneously, we were planning on how to integrate the website structure into a Content Management System (CMS) that would allow Cove Hill to update any pages, sections, images or text on the site at any time. Finally, we spent time developing and fine-tuning the final touches, which include smooth rollover effects, scrolling animations and loading animations that make the site feel nice to interact with and explore.

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We developed a few important concepts that address how Cove Hill will use and manage the website in the future. We developed what we call a "smart website structure" where no matter how Cove Hill reorganizes pages or content, the website will auto-adjust different website elements. For example, if they want to eliminate a page or reorganize the order of pages, the change will be updated on the order of sections on the homepage, order of items in the floating navigation and even in the bottom section of each page, which links to the following page in the sequence. Cove Hill also has the capability of normal CMS features like adding team members, changing text, images and adding pages. 


Bringing the Cove Hill Brand to Life

In order to make the website and all digital content cohesive with the Cove Bill brand, we created a custom series of photos that utilize the brand color scheme. In addition to the photos and colors of text, we created a series of icons for different sections abd pages with new accent color, a bright blue. This creates a visually vibrant accent to the rest of the site, which is more reserved and cooler in color. 



Client: Cove Hill Partners



Site Mapping, Wireframe Design, Website Design, Development, Responsive Design, Contentful CMS Integration, SEO, Content Creation, Marketing Materials


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