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Anvyl Brand Development & Website

Supply Chain Technology Platform

Anvyl is the first supply chain technology platform for reputable brands and world-class manufacturers. They came to us with a challenge: to help build a brand that could tell a story and display the quality of their SAAS platform.

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A Digital Product that helps build physical products

We knew Anvyl needed to look sharp, clean and professional. Those are givens. What we discovered through our brand development process that surprised us is that Anvyl is more than just a SAAS platform. They’re rooted in an industry with a long history of making tools that help people. And to put it in context, they created something that has never existed before; a technology-powered, human-driven tool that helps people make products faster, cheaper and better than ever before.

It became our challenge to represent something that uses game-changing technology and unique offerings in a traditional industry.


Building the Brand Identity

We immediately found inspiration in the name Anvyl and the history of building products. The workshop, the anvil itself, product drawings and metalworking became the driving sources of inspiration for building a meaningful brand for Anvyl that would connect to recognizable visuals from the industry and history of product making.

Heat is used in metalworking to be able to change the form of a metal. When hot enough, the metal changes its color to a bright red. Anvyl’s colors are inspired by the active and inactive states of this metalworking process.


Product Drawing to ILlustration Styles

A core graphic element that is used heavily in Anvyl’s illustrations is a fill pattern of diagonal lines. This pattern is directly inspired by the graphic material drawing styles used in product and architectural drawing sets. While subtle, the graphic pattern roots Anvyl’s overall look and feel back to product design and creation.

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The Logo

The letters are generated by a series of set diagonal and rectilinear lines that are commonly found in product sketches and appropriately called construction lines. They are used to structure the design process create consistency in rhythm and form. The construction lines that help generate the letters also cut the L, which makes the logo feel a more dynamic and custom made.


Website Iterations

We created numerous iterations for the website structure and methods to make the brand come alive in digital form. The iterations were incredibly important for testing options against our brand discovery research and strategy. By sketching and brainstorming, we were able to ideate and explore many design concepts quickly and effectively, allowing the best options to come to the forefront.

Both high and low fidelity prototypes were generated through the wireframing process to define the flow of information to both product makers and suppliers.

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Client: Anvyl



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