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Allegiant Global Partners

Strategic Insurance Startup  

Allegiant Global Partners offers insurance services to help HR, compliance and risk professionals manage their global responsibilities with industry-leading strategy and tactics. They asked us to rebrand them and build their new website. We updated the old logo with clean lines, sharp corners and a refreshed color palette. The overall brand look and feel that we were aiming for was fresh, trustworthy, professional and elegant. The new website displays the company’s services, mission and team in a dynamic and striking design.

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Website Design and Development

The new website uses a flexible content management system (CMS) that allows for the immediate updating of the website. There is a continuous line feature on the site that connects the different sections. This line adjusts automatically depending on whether updated or new sections are left, center or right justified. No development work is required to maintain the website or to connect the different sections using the design feature.


Custom Icons and Illustrations

The website uses minimal, but complex illustrations and icons to communicate the core offerings and services of the company. We developed the illustration style and system specifically for Allegiant Global Partners. The backgrounds of many of the graphics on the website are simple country illustrations. This graphic style helps mentally ties the graphics and copy back to Allegiant’s core services and mission.

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Client: Allegiant Global Partners



Brand Identity, Marketing Materials, Logo Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, User Experience, Wireframe Design, Website Design, Website Development


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