Who we are

Weston Baker Creative Group is a full-service creative agency composed of designers, strategists and engineers.

The strategic and conceptual background of architectural training and practice has allowed us to pioneer the most effective and cohesive approach to designing anything and everything. As a collective, are are creative and problem-solving by nature with an innate desire to inspire and build great things. We like to think of the team and company as a renaissance man - capable of making beautiful technology and functional art using our diverse and expansive abilities. 



Built on a foundation of talent and strategy.

Weston Baker Creative Group was founded with the idea that by combining strong talent and strategy, we can design and produce effective and inspiring solutions that surpass the expectations of the organizations that we work with. These solutions are developed and explored through our strategic process, which involves in-depth analysis, creative problem solving, concept iterating, stress-testing and a unique approach to looking at the entire context. We work with clients that range from tech startups, fashion houses, music companies, financial institutions, real estate developers, to some of the largest companies in the world. Explore our work to see some of the solutions we've created. 


Clients and Partners

We believe in collaborative problem solving.

We love being presented with new challenges and luckily we have amazing clients that satisfy this desire. Our interdisciplinary team thrives when immersing themselves to create design solutions that inspire and drive results.