Architecture as strategy.

Whether we're designing a skyscraper, a logo or a website, we have discovered that there are the same set of principles involved in the process of creating a successful design.

Our creative strategy is informed by many different fields as a result of our diverse experience. Weston Baker began his studies and career in the field of architecture where there are numerous forces and requirements necessary to design and create a cohesive design solution for a building. We have adopted the strategies and concepts used to negotiate the various requirements in the most complicated architecture projects in the world and have created a strategy in which we apply them to other industries.

We have often found that the best solutions are created by not only thinking outside of the box, but outside of the industry. The strategic framework that we have developed has enabled us to have a structured approach to each project, but allows for the flexibility necessary to think differently every time. 



Strategically driving a change in thinking, feeling and interacting.

We believe that our design strategy creates deeper understanding of the client, project and task at hand and allows for greater creative problem solving as a result. In a world where industries are intertwining and content is consumed on different devices in various forms of media, WBCG has adapted to face every undertaking with a fresh perspective and we exponentially benefit from our experience in different industries. We look at each new project as a unique set of challenges that require a unique strategy and thus, a unique solution to address those challenges appropriately.

We have created and fine-tuned a framework and strategic process over time that has allowed us to move freely between industries and face difficult challenges on projects of all kinds. Not only has this framework provided to be incredibly successful on projects at different scales and in different fields, but it has actually enhanced and expanded the way we think about design. 


The application of strategy

The architectural approach to strategy allows us to design, say a website project, with a vast array of brainpower and a toolset that extends beyond just web design. Our inspiration and experience in other fields, like in architecture, let's us think about certain projects differently than your typical agency. Brainstorming the flow of a website through a filter of architectural theory allows us to think about a website as an actual space and sequence where we can choreograph movement, establish hierarchy, create the mood through the use of graphics and visuals. Using our framework for how to analyze and strategize, we enable ourselves to see more potential solutions by looking also at the principles of other industries. The term inter-disciplinary truly takes on a new form when it comes to WBCG because it informs the way we think, not just the variety of services we offer